Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thanksgiving in Kona 2011

This year for Thanksgiving my parents took us to Kona. We rented a house right on the beach. It was absolute paradise. We had so much fun I wake up every morning and could cry because we are not there!! We did so many fun things-my dad made me, Jimmy, Austin, & Kara reservations to zip line through the forest while they took the kids-it was amazing!! Me, Jimmy and the twins went out on Stewart's boat with Betsy, Stewart & Jonah where we got to snorkel. Ellie would not get out of the water the whole time she just rode on Jimmy's back while he snorkeled. Betsy taught me how to surf-Which I will definitely be doing again!! And we were so lucky because the beach at our house had 6 sea turtles that lived there so we got to watch them everyday!! You could usually find us out on the beach shelling and watching all the amazing fish! It was really the most amazing trip ever!! I can't even wait to go again next year-I am counting down the months!!! Thanks mom and dad we love you!!


Candace said...

Love all the pictures!! looks amazing, we should definately try to get there!! our kiddos would all have a blast together!!

Nicole Hacking said...

Love all the new posts! you guys have the cutest dang family!!

MiShelle said...

How fun! You clearly belong on the coast...not in dry ol' Utah. Your kids are so cute Amelia. So cute.