Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thanksgiving in Kona 2011

This year for Thanksgiving my parents took us to Kona. We rented a house right on the beach. It was absolute paradise. We had so much fun I wake up every morning and could cry because we are not there!! We did so many fun things-my dad made me, Jimmy, Austin, & Kara reservations to zip line through the forest while they took the kids-it was amazing!! Me, Jimmy and the twins went out on Stewart's boat with Betsy, Stewart & Jonah where we got to snorkel. Ellie would not get out of the water the whole time she just rode on Jimmy's back while he snorkeled. Betsy taught me how to surf-Which I will definitely be doing again!! And we were so lucky because the beach at our house had 6 sea turtles that lived there so we got to watch them everyday!! You could usually find us out on the beach shelling and watching all the amazing fish! It was really the most amazing trip ever!! I can't even wait to go again next year-I am counting down the months!!! Thanks mom and dad we love you!!

Halloween 2011

For Halloween Evan chose to be a Shark, Ellie chose a Strawberry Fairy, and Lilly was a Witch. We did so many fun things for Halloween this year. We took the kids to the "Trunk or Treat" in Measer-then Megan & Paul invited us to their house for a bonfire and spook alley (Evan was a little scared when it came to the spook alley but Ellie loved it and was right in the middle of it saying "help me!" and acting like she was tied up!) -we went to the Measer Elementary Carnival where they pretty much took over the inflatable slide and refused to wait in line like everyone else-and Halloween night Brooke & Zeke had a Halloween party! It was a very busy week but at least they got to where their costumes more than once!! This was the first year that they wanted to be in charge of choosing what they were going to be-I guess I don't get to be the cheesy mom that makes them be something together anymore!

Bluebell Cornmaze

We took the kids over to the Cornmaze this year to get in the fall mood! I have never been and I couldn't believe what a good job they do-the kids loved it and we will be going next year for sure!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jackson Hole & Yellowstone 2011

This year we went to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone over Labor Day. We had so much fun we first stayed the night in Jackson and took the kids on a Wagon Ride that took us to dinner and a show, then we went on to Yellowstone. We saw so many amazing things and Evan and Ellie had a blast with all of the their cousins and friends!! On our way home we stopped again in Jackson and did some shopping. We had so much fun-it was definitely one of our funnest vacations!! I hope we get to go again next year! Thanks so much Chris and Ashley for inviting us and showing us all around!!